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Products & Services

Teris Foods, LLP is a leader in production, distribution of various food commodities. Our farm to process approach ensures that we deliver consistent products at affordable prices to our clients worldwide. We specialize in Rice, Maize, Himalayan Salt and other food commodities. We are a producer, processor, distributor, exporter and importer of food commodities in Pakistan and are approved/certified with all international and local food certifications. 
Rice & Allied
Maize & Maize Products

Teris Foods, LLP is a market leader in the farming and processing of rice in Pakistan. Our farm to mill approach ensures high quality of rice from the paddy to processing in our state of the art processing mill. Details of our variety of our rice products can be downloaded here

Teris Foods, LLP exports Maize all over the world for animal feed purposes. The company procures the produce early in the season and processes it to ensure, exacting client standards before exporting it worldwide. Our specifications are detailed in the Maize Export Specification Sheet below.

Rice & Allied Catalog
Himalayan Salt
Ethanol (Molasses) 

Teris Foods, LLP through our group company, Crown Global Trading has been exporting Rock Salt and it's products from 2016 and has developed innovative and specialized products to our exacting client standards. Details of our products can be downloaded here. 

Teris Foods, LLP sources Pakistan origin molasses based ethanol from refineries in Sindh. From 96% purity to 99.90% purity based on Clients requirements.  We are well versed in ensuring quality products and guaranteed delivery of product. Email us your requirements and we will respond with quotes and guaranteed delivery.  

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